The unlicensed offshore organizations and suspected scam sites have come to the attention of the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions. A large portion of these unlicensed organizations either represent themselves as having operations by utilizing the address of a mail sending office; others may only have neglected to follow permitting necessities.

As of late, it has come to the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions attention that Boiler Room exercises and scam sites have turned out to be more dynamic. On the off chance that you wish to discover more about Boiler Room operations and scam sites, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

Cautioning LIST: Unlicensed Cold Callers

The rundown underneath contains organizations revealed by Board of Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Name 'C'

C&P Mutual
Cadden International Ltd. (
Cadogan United Securities
Cadman Mergers and Acquisition (
Caixa Bancaja (
Calderton Capital Partners
Calvin & Sanderson Associates (
Cambridge Equity Corporation (
Cambridge Financial Partners LLC,
Cambridge Global Inc
Cameron McDonald & Co
Cameron Poe & Associates (
Campbell & Stewart Advisory Firm (
Campbell Martin Limited t/a Imagine Mortgages
Campbell Merger Solutions (
Campus Investments PLC
Cantata Equity Management, LLC (
Cantor Index / Cantor UK (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Cantwell International
Capgemini US (
Capital Advisory Partners (
Capital Asset Management
Capital Concept Investment
Capital Edge Group (
Capital Finance
Capital Gain Investments
Capitol Hill Group
Capital Intel Group (
Capital Invest Trading (CIT) ( 
Capital Investment Group
Capital Management and Investments Ltd
Capital One Management Inc
Capital Shipping
Capital Standard Corporation
Capital Swiss Partners
Capital Venture
Capital Wealth Fund (
Capital Wealth Management ( 
Capitalinform Limited SA
Capitol Acquisition Management Inc. ( /
Capstone Capital Markets,
Capstone Financial Group UK (
Car Hire & Cheap Car Insurance for 17+
Car Insurance Warehouse - also known as Astuto Associates and Astuto Insurance
Carbon Advisory Council (
Carbon Credit Active Limited ( /
Carbon Credit Emissions Limited
Carbon Credit International (
Carbon Credit Offsetting (
Carbon Credit Solutions
Carbon Credit Specialists LLC (
The Carbon Exchange Inc
Carbon Green Solutions
Carbon Soulutions
Carbonvest Limited
Carlton Birtal Advisory Services SL
Carlisle Capital Group
Carlson Group Consultancy (
Carlton Capital Inc (
Carlton First Capital Group Ltd
Carlton Global Management
Carlton Webber
Carrington Noble (
Carter James SL
Carter Sinclair
Cartius Finance ( (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Cartwright Investment Group ( CP Pension Services
Cash In Your Pension
Cash My Pension (
Castle Rock Corporate Finance (
Castlemire Limited
Cathay Asset Management
CD Equities
CDC Securities Limited
CDH Insurance and Finance Consultants
CDV Investments (
Cedar Rock Investments Plc
Center Finance Management
Centex Resources -
Central and Eastern European Markets Asset Management (firm falsely claims to be regulated by the FSA)
Centurian Protection LLC
Certified Financial Consultants Inc
Chadwick Seymour & Associates
Chamberlain and Co.
Chamberlin Management Inc
Chapman Butler LLC
Chapman Fisher a/k/a Chapman Fischer (
Chapman Foster Group SL
Chapman Mediation Group, Inc.
Charinton Group GmbH (The)
Charles Drake Associates
Charles Hirsch Capital Management, Inc.
Charles Pearson Investments International (
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwartz International (
Charles Stanley Associates
Charles Wurth Associates
Charlton Hayfield & Co
Chartered Investments
Charterhouse International Inc./ Kensington Price Consulting
Chartwell Financial Services
Chase Global Securities
CheapCarInsurance Brokers (Clone of FSA registered firm)
Chelsea Asset Management (
Chelsea Management Group Inc
Chelsy Fund, S.A.
Chester Credit Union (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chesterfield Credit and Trust
Chesterfield Credit Union
Chesterfield Financial Associates
Chesterfield Ltd (
Chesterfield Partners
Cheval Bridging Finance Ltd Markets (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chevron Private Investment Limited
Chicago Board of Acquisitions Inc
Chilton reese & Associates
China Mergers Group (
Chimera Management,
Chris Ellis-Keeler (Clone of FSA approved individual)
Christian Lavigne (Tel: 020 3608 0614)
Christopher Corbett-Evans
Christopher Gregory Williams
Churchill Advisory-
Churchill Brewin Associates
Churchill Capital also trading as Churchill International (
Churchill Investments Plc
Churchill Management
Churchill Strauss
CIBC Bancorp Ltd
CIC Insurance Company AVV
CIC Insurance Company SA
CISA SL Corporate Investment Services
Citadel Group International (Clone of FSA Authorised firms)
Citi Capital Partnership (
Citicap Equity Consultants S.L
Citilife Financial (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Citywide Associates (
CK Investments
CL Investing
Clarington Group (The)
Clarity Market Resources
Clarkson Gordon Ltd
Claybourne Group (
Claymore Capital (
Clayton & Phelps (
The Clayton Group (
Clayton Pressman Ivy International (
Clean Coal Technologies
Clean Planet Investments
Clifton Financial Services
Clinton King
Clinton Parker Inc.
Close Capital Investments (
CLS Consultancy
CO2-Tech Ltd.
Cobalt Finance Group-
Cohen & Partners
Cohen Corporate Consulting (
Cohen Dressner
Cohen Edwards Asset Management
Cohen Green Advisory
The Cohen Group,
Cohen Hayward International
Colby Mergers
Coleman Brothers
Coleman Kleinfield & Associates
Collett Quinlan M&A
Collingbourne Group
Collins and Bell
Collins & Bone Partnership
Collins Capital Management 
Collins Tate & Murchison
Collway Investments and Funds -
Colonial Square Acquisition LLC,
Colony Capital Associates
Columbia Direct Corp (
Columbus Advisory
Commodore Asset
Compact Insurance Services Ltd (
Companies West
Compass Financial Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Condor Research
Connors Thompson Reed (Clone of previously FSA registered firm)
Conquest Mergers
Consolidated Credit Bank Ltd. (Clone of FSA authorised firm) (
Continental Administrative Services
Continental Offshore finance Ltd
Continental Partners Trust Limited (a.k.a Continental Trust Consultancy)
Cook Capital Partners
CoolPass Inc
Cooper Company Management (
Cooper and Daniels Company-
Cooper & Finley (
Coopers & Lybrand Law
Cornerstone Partners
Cornhill Management SL
Cornish, Willoughby & Associates
Corporate One Asset Management (
Corporate Financial Trading Solutions and Investments (London) Limited t/a CFS
Corum Financial Group
Cotswold Funeral Service
Courtiers Investment Services Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Courtney Brown Group (
Coutts Investment Group
Couture Consulting Group Ltd also trading as B Cooke Ltd (,
CP Hodgson Limited / CLL Trading (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
CP Pension Services/
CPI International (
Crandale Group
Crane and Sterling
Crawford & Knight (
Crawford Capital Partners (
Crazy Diamond
Credit General Group
Credit Suisse (UK) Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Crest Asset Management
Creston & Childs
Crestwell Analysis
Crickmore & Lutz
Cristabel & Bartley Limited
Cristos Investments SA (
Cromwell and Goodwin (
Cromwell & Pierce International
Crosby Capital Partners
Crossley Acquisitions (
Crown Fidelity
The Crown Group
Crown ING Group
Crown Lancaster Equities
Crown Point Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
Crystalix London Ltd
CT Carbon Ltd
CT Lambson and Associates
Cube Insurance Limited/ Cube Ins Limited
Curzon Peters
Cushman Corporation
Cyrrus Capital
Cyrrus Capital Ventures
Cyrus Rushwood & Associates

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