The unlicensed offshore organizations and suspected scam sites have come to the attention of the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions. A large portion of these unlicensed organizations either represent themselves as having operations by utilizing the address of a mail sending office; others may only have neglected to follow permitting necessities.

As of late, it has come to the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions attention that Boiler Room exercises and scam sites have turned out to be more dynamic. On the off chance that you wish to discover more about Boiler Room operations and scam sites, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

Cautioning LIST: Unlicensed Cold Callers

The rundown underneath contains organizations revealed by Board of Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Name 'D'

Daine Financial Trust Management,
Damak Group
Dant and Company LLC
Darier Asset Management
Darwin Investments
Dauphin Asset Europe
Davenport & Co.
David Bone
Davidson Capital Partners (
Dawson James Securities
Dayo Olubodun (individual's name)
De Vere Private Equity (
Declan and Ross (
Delmont Wealth Management
Delta Group, LLC
Delta Liaising
Delta Trade Financial Group
Dempster, Hampton & Duke
Department of Financial Trading
Derek Harry Taylor
Deutsche Bank AG (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Devere and Partners Ltd (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Devere Proprietary Broking Limited
Devere Proprietary Trading Limited
DFB Fast Property Sale (
DFB Housing Solutions (
DG Schilling
Dial a Rod Homecover Limited (
Diamond Asset Management
Diamond Financial Services
Direct Brokers Invest / DB Invest (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Direct Brokers Investments / DB Invest (Clone of FSA Registered firm)
Direct Healthcare
Direct Legal Protection Limited
Direct Settlements pte Limited
Distressed Acquisitions Commission (
Diverse Capital Consultants Limited
Diverse Swiss Limited
Diversified Capital (
Diversified Reclaim Services
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest/DPM Invest (
Dolan Corporate Equity Solutions Inc.
Dolphin and Bradbury
Donavan & Yung Partners
Douglas & Gardner
Douglas Ellis Inc
Douglas St James
Dragon International
Dragon Partners Inc
Drake and Childs Global Transfers
Drake Investment Group
Drake Merger Management (
Draven Mier Associates
Drexel-Bearns Consulting Group (,
Drexel Lambert Mergers and Acquisitions
Dreyfus Corp
DSF Management Financial Planning LTD
Dufresne and Andy
Dunbar Mackenzie
Dunhill Capital
Dunleavy Investment Ltd
Durdan Heyer Ltd (
Dynamic Wealth
Dyno Medical Limited

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