The unlicensed offshore organizations and suspected scam sites have come to the attention of the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions. A large portion of these unlicensed organizations either represent themselves as having operations by utilizing the address of a mail sending office; others may only have neglected to follow permitting necessities.

As of late, it has come to the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions attention that Boiler Room exercises and scam sites have turned out to be more dynamic. On the off chance that you wish to discover more about Boiler Room operations and scam sites, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

Cautioning LIST: Unlicensed Cold Callers

The rundown underneath contains organizations revealed by Board of Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Name 'F'

Fairchild Holdings and Advisory Firm
Fairchild Pierce
Fairchild Roth Financial Inc
Falcon Finanz
Falcon Oil Group, www.falconoilgroup
Fallon Brooks (
Falon Group Ltd
Fare Inc
Fares Insurance Company Services Limited
FASD International Limited 
Fast Cash Loans UK
Fast Corporate Solutions Ltd
Faxtor Securities (Clone of previously FSA EEA Authorised firm)
FCV Broker (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised Firm)
Federal Equities Corp / Federal Equities Corporation
Feinler Management Group
Fernvale Associates
Ferrell and Associates (
FHM Associates/Fuller Hathaway Moy Associates (
Fidelis Research Group (
Fidelity Capital Research
Fidelity International
Fiduciary International Services
Fielding Clifford
Final Hurdle Ltd (
Finance Choices Ltd ( - forex and futures trading
Finance Continental Corporation
Finance Continental Inc
Finance International UK
Finance Your Dream Limited
Financial Affairs Corporation (clone of FSA authorised firm)
Financial Capital Management LLP (FCM)
Financial Consulting UK Limited
Financial Investment Solutions
Financial Market Alliance
Financial Media Group
Financial Services Solutions PLC
Financial Trading
Financial Trading Board
Financial Trading Commission (
Finanzas Forex
Finata Financial Solutions
Finbrands Global Limited
First Allianze Limited, FA Markets (
First Allied Capital (
First Call Commodities
First Call Connect
First Chartered Capital Corp / First Colonial Trust
First Choice Investment Ltd
First Colonial Management
First Commodities Limited (incorporated in British Virgin Islands)  
First Euro Alliance a/k/a "Euro Alliance"
First Eurozone
First Financial Management
First Financial Planning Corp
First Geneva Wealth Management (
First Global UK
First Inc Limited (
First Information (,,
First Initial Asset Management (
First International Equity & Acquisitions Inc
First Investment International Funds Plc (
First Mutual Financial Group
First Prime Group
First Private Clients Ltd ( (clone of formerly FSA registered firm)
First Shield LLC a/k/a First Sheild (
First Standard Investment
First Standard Management (;
First Swiss (
First Trade Direct (
First Trade Europe (clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
First Williston Group/Corporation
Fischer & Schultz Independant Financial Advisors(
Fisher Capital Management (
Fisher, Levinson, Law & Associates
Fleetwood Associates
Flemming Advisory
Focus AIM
Folkoe 1st Trade (
Forbes First Financial Corporation
Foreign Exchange Clearing House (FXCH) (
Forensic Review
Forex Capital Markets, Ltd. (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Forex Portfolios Management Limited (
Forexage Corporation
Forexyard Limited/Fxyard Limited
Forst Finance
Fortitude Asset Consultants -
Fortress Investment Group (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Fortune Investments and Savings
Fortura Limited
Fox World Market
Frandistrans Group (
Frank Goldenberg Yoshi (
Frankfurt Capital Group (
Franklin Asset Management (aka Jefferson Management)
Franklin York
Fraser Hunt Levine
Frazer Kennedy
Frazer White Group
Frazier Kennedy
Freeberg Finance
Freeman International 
Fridman, Koch and Saul (aka Cambridge Global and Amhers International)
Friedman Schnaier & Associates
Fritz Financial Service
Frontier Investment LLP (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
FSG Blackstone
FSG Composites Group Ltd (
Fund Advisers Europe - (clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)
Fund Logic (Clone of EEA Authorised firm)
Fusion Financial Marketing (
Future Trade Limited (operating on the website,
Fu Yee To Capital Group Limited 
FX Global Markets
FX Newton Financial Group, FX Newton Trading (

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