The unlicensed offshore organizations and suspected scam sites have come to the attention of the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions. A large portion of these unlicensed organizations either represent themselves as having operations by utilizing the address of a mail sending office; others may only have neglected to follow permitting necessities.

As of late, it has come to the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions attention that Boiler Room exercises and scam sites have turned out to be more dynamic. On the off chance that you wish to discover more about Boiler Room operations and scam sites, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

Cautioning LIST: Unlicensed Cold Callers

The rundown underneath contains organizations revealed by Board of Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Name 'I'

I Trade (
Ian Dike (also believed to have previously traded as Safeinvest or Ian Dike Financial Services)
Ian John Grisman
IAZ & Partners
IBG & Associates (
Icon Financial Partners (
ID Markets Securities Limited
IDA Consultancy (
Ideal Merger Group (
IFC Limited (also known as IFC Trading Limited)
IGM International
IGM Securities
IME Advisors-
IMG Asset Management
Imperial Capital Partners LLC (
Implex Insurance Brokers (
Inca Pacific Gold & Mining
IncoNeon Limited
Independent Private Consultants
Index International Investments
Index Mergers and Acquisitions (
Indo Africa Development Bank Limited
Industrial Biotechnology Coporation
Infinia Securities (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm -
Info Direct Marketing (
ING Investment Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Innis Financial Services LLC (
Insignia Financial Services Ltd
Insta Trade Inc
Insurance 4 Quarries
Insurance Easy
Insurance Services (UK)
Insure2go (
Integra Advisory Group
Inter Europe Trading a/k/a Inter Euro Trading Corporation (
Interactive World Trading Ltd
Interbank FX Funds
Intercap Management Group
Interciti Capital (
Intercontinental Forex Services -
Intercrest Clearing House (
Interdealer Brokers (IDB) (
Integrated Investment Group (
International Acquisition Authority (
International Board of Mergers and Acquisitions (
International Business Advisors
International Consulting Services
International Digital Sports Technologies
International Equity Advisors Inc.
International Escrow Services
International Finance Group
International Financial Court (IFC) Hong Kong
International Financial Trading Commission (
International Investor Commission (
International Merger Services Group
International Mergers & Acquisitions Administration (
International Nexus Ventures-
International Options Trading (PTY) Ltd
International Regulation Services (
International Settlement Services Ltd
International Stock Transfer Administration (
International Stock Transfers Bureau
International Trade Advisory Committee (
International Wealth Management
International Zurich Group, (also known as Internationale Zurichgruppe)
Intertrade Investment (
Intuition Capital Corporation
Invesco Perpetual - Invesco Asian Precious Metals Fund (
Invesco Perpetual - Invesco Gold Precious Metals Fund (
Invest Direct Group (
Investec Asset Management Limited
Investec Fund Managers Limited
InvestTech FX Technologies Inc
Investerate Investments Limited
Investex Corporation Limited
Investix (
Investment Capital Consultants ( - Clone of FSA registered firm
Investment Consultancy UK
Investment House International
Investment Property Group (also known as Invest P G Limited)
Investor Pro Net
Investor Relations Corp
Investor Relations Group
Investors Group International
Investors Management Services (
Investor Tec (Geneva, Switzerland)
Invexus Capital
Invicta Advisory Services 
IPH Properties (
Ironbridge Capital (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
IRS and Partners
Irvine Financial Intermediaries LLC
Irwell Advisors
Irwin Mitchell
Isaac Kline Securities
Isaac Paige Associates (
Isis Capital Management (Clone of FSA Authorised Firm)
ITB Group
iTaxation Corporation Ltd (
iTeknik Holding Corporation
ITG Derivatives, ITG Forex (
I-Trading Limited
I-Trading Corporation Limited
Ivory Dome Securities (
Ixis Capital Group

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