The unlicensed offshore organizations and suspected scam sites have come to the attention of the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions. A large portion of these unlicensed organizations either represent themselves as having operations by utilizing the address of a mail sending office; others may only have neglected to follow permitting necessities.

As of late, it has come to the Board of Mergers & Acquisitions attention that Boiler Room exercises and scam sites have turned out to be more dynamic. On the off chance that you wish to discover more about Boiler Room operations and scam sites, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

Cautioning LIST: Unlicensed Cold Callers

The rundown underneath contains organizations revealed by Board of Mergers & Acquisitions

Firm Name 'B'

S & P Group,
S-One Financial/Summit One Financial (
Safe Inrest Quota Obtain Ltd (also known as SIQO)
Sage Consultants
SAGI (Securities Advisory Group International)
Sakuma Group
Salamon and Tate Consulting (
Salomon and Associates
Samsung Securities a/k/a Sigma Securities (
SAN-Trans Services, SAN-Trans Services UK ( (
Sanderson Independent Group;
Sandford Hale & Co. (
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co (
SanSZee Financial Solutions Ltd
Santiago Mergers & Acquisitions (
Sarasin Funds Management (Guernsey) Limited (Clone of FSA Registered firm -, 
Saudi American Holding Corporation or Schaffner Holding
Sauer Rayson International
Savoy Investment Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Saxon Rose / Saxon Rose Associates,
Schaeffer Collins
Schiller Gates
Schneider Wolfe Alliance
Schoefer Davis Limited
Schotts Capital Managements
Schreiber & Gruenberg Partnership Limited & Co. Beteilingungs KG 
Schroeder Wahlberg
Scott Fitzgerald Group
Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services (
Scottsdale Future and Options
SDA Investors Co ( (claiming to be registered in the USA)
Seaboard Securities, Inc. (
Seagram Services Ltd (
Seagreen Global Limited
Secure Wealth Management
Secure Insurance (Clone of authorised firm)
Secured Communications Limited (trading as
Securities Administration
Securities Advisory Group (
Securities Associates Group
Securities Management Research (based in Manhattan, USA)
Securities Trading Board
Securities Trading Commission (
Security Advisory Group
Seisma Oil Research LLC also trading as Seisma Energy Research (,
Sekulic Dragon (
Select American Transfer Co.
Selective Insurance
Selfridge Perkins Group,
Sell and Rent Back Solutions (
Sell Pension UK
Selva Resources Corporation (
Semper Consulting Limited & Co KG/Semper Management Services Limited
Sentinel Trading Investment Corporation
The Settlement Group
S.F. Invest Limited/ Limited
S G Financial
SGI Investments
SGS Consultants Limited (
Shanghai Capital Group Inc.
Shanghai Wang Venture Inc.
Share Sales Pty Ltd
Shaw Capital Management (
Shenzhen International Group (
Sherwood Henderson Limited
Shirley's Financial Holdings
Sidstone, Gray & Partners (
Siegar Private Limited
Sigma Securities/Sigma Asset Management (
Silverman International
Silverthorne and Chambers Inc 
Simon Eastwood Asset Management
Simora Investments
Simplon Corporation Trust
Sinclair Insurance Co Limited
Sino Financial (
Sino Trade Europe (
Skipton Asset Management (
Sky Capital / Sky Capital Enterprises / Sky Capital Holdings
Sky Money Solutions
Sky Safe Ltd
SLFC Unit Managers (UK) Limited/Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada "Offshore Division"/Sunlife Offshore Limited
Sloane & Rutherford
Smart Marketing Services
SMES Bank Great Britain Limited
Smith & Dalton-
Smith and Gianni Partners
Smith and Lockhart Associates (
Smith and Olsson (
Smith Capital (
Smith Fairchild
Smith Financial UK
Smith Kearney M&A -
SNF Associates Inc (
Solaris Financial Solutions (
Sold In A Click
Solomon Lloyd
Sophisticated Investor
South Atlantic Securities
Southampton Investment Services Limited (
Southern Cross Mergers & Acquisitions
Sovereign Pacific Inc
Spearmint Blue Limited
Spearmint Blue SL
Spectrum Acquisition Holdings
Spectrum Land
SpencerFerguson Financial Services/SpencerFerguson Wealth Management
Spencer Group
Spielberg Kraus Associates
Springbok Finance Limited
Springhill Group (
SP Trade Investments Capital Limited
SPS Investments GmbH ( 
SPS Investment Products (
Square Mile Finance (
Square Mile Financial ( 
Square Mile Financial (
St Andrews Securities (
St James & Thatcher Associates
St. James Asset Management/St. James Associates(
St. James Partners (
St. James Wealth (
Standard Hokori Group (
Standford Long 
Stanfield Moritz Associates
Stanley Equities Investment Advisors
Stanley Morris Cooper / SMC Croup (
Stanley Riebeck Corporation
Stanmore Advisory Group
Stansell Corporate Services LLC
Stanten Williams (
Stanton Berkley
Stanton Goldstein (
Starke Wealth Management
State Street Advisors (
Steed and Associates
Stein Banc Commerce
Stein Fitzgerald Associates/Stein Fitzgerald Group
Steinberg Investment Research AG -
Steinbrueck Financial Services
Steiner Haus Capital (
Stephen Vandervord
Stephens Capital Markets Limited
Stephenson Moore Consulting
Sterling Alternative Energy Group
Sterling Asset Management
Sterling Equity Corporation
Sterling Finance AG (
Sterling Independent Financial Solutions (clone of FSA registered firm)
Sterling Manhattan
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor (
Sterling Equity Corporation
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor ( 
STJ Advisors also trading as STJ Wealth (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Stockwell Investment Group
Stockcom Tradez Inc aka
Stoic Capital Management Inc
Stonewell Finance
STP Direct Ltd
Strategic Corporate Services
Strategic Energy Partners
Strategic Investment Group 
Strategic Investment Partners Group
Strategic Merger Consultants/
Stratford Advisory Services
Strathclyde Associates,
Stratton Wainwright
Strauss Capital Consultants (
Strauss Jones (
Suisse Life Securities
Sukumo Group
Sullivan Investment Group
Sullivan Ross
SUMITOMO Financial Corporation (
Summit Capital Management
Summit Holdings (
Summit Mergers and Acquisitions (New York)
Summit One Financial/S-One Financial/ (
Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance (
Sunline Transfer Agents (
Sunwide Finance
Svl Asset Management (
SVM Ireland (
Swan Asset Management (
Swift Bridging
Swiss & Global Asset Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Swiss Atlantic Securities AG
Swiss Capital Assets
Swiss Equity Investment (
Swiss Financial Group
Swiss Financial Research (
Swiss Financial Service (
Swiss Global Asset Management ( - Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Swiss International Group
Swiss Key Equity
Swiss Management Consulting
Swiss Money Report,
Swiss Trust Advisory
Swiss Financial Research (
Switch Leads Limited (The Pension Review Company)
Switzerland Investment Group
Swollen Horse Limited
Symposia Private Equity (
Syndicate Group International
Synergy Capital, LLC (
Synergy Europe (
Synergy Commodities
Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions
Synergy Wealth

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